Mission Trip Devotions

May 10, 2016

These six sets of five daily devotions will help you focus your mission team daily around practical applications of Scripture, helping your group draw closer to God and to each other.

Mission Trip Devotion Set 1

Day 1: Taking the First Step  

Day 2: Taking the Second Step 

Day 3: God's Compass 

Day 4: Where Are You Going? 

Day 5: The Biggest Loser  


Mission Trip Devotion Set 2

Day 1: How Did I Get Here? 

Day 2: For Whom Am I Working? 

Day 3: What, Exactly, Are We Doing? 

Day 4: How Is This Helping? 

Day 5: Where Do I Go From Here? 


Mission Trip Devotion Set 3

Day 1: New Beginnings 

Day 2: Be Prepared 

Day 3: The Dead Zone 

Day 4: A Great Story 

Day 5: Great Food 


Mission Trip Devotion Set 4

Day 1: Linked 

Day 2: Different, but the Same 

Day 3: Change: Good and Bad 

Day 4: How Far Can You Reach? 

Day 5: A Shorter Drive 


Mission Trip Devotion Set 5

Day 1: Not Your Parents' SBC 

Day 2: Who is Your God Today? 

Day 3: What's Happened to You Lately? 

Day 4: Catch and Release 

Day 5: Can You Help? 


Mission Trip Devotion Set 6

Day 1: Healing Time 

Day 2: Getting to Know Jesus 

Day 3: Is Your Pillow too Comfortable? 

Day 4: Be Transparent 

Day 5: Look At Your Reflection 

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