A walk through Boston is like a review of the pages of a history textbook, with storied landmarks from America’s past seemingly down every street. Today the city is poised to remain the focal point from which the next generation of history makers will emanate. Home to more than 250,000 college students and a thriving international community, Boston has become a crucial stopping point for young professionals as they move on to positions of influence and innovation all over the world.

But the majority of these future leaders will leave the city without ever being touched by the influence of Christ. This is because the city of Boston is making history—but without the help of the church.

“The need for more biblically-based churches in Boston is undeniable,” says Boston church planter Josh Wyatt. He and his family moved to the city in 2010 to plant Charles River Church. “The opportunity to influence the entire area of New England by serving in Boston is incredible.”

The opportunity to reach and guide a lost generation is certainly here. The majority of those living in the Boston metro area are active Catholics, while the second largest group is comprised of those who claim no religious affiliation. In fact, the city is home to only 115 SBC congregations. With a population of 5.9 million, this leaves the city with only one SBC church for every 39,257 people.

The need for gospel-centered churches is palpable in the Boston metro area. In an effort to meet this need, church planters and partner churches are invited to take part in Send North America: Boston, a church planting and evangelism strategy designed to mobilize church planters and partnering churches to reach the city of Boston for the glory of God.

“Please pray we’ll see a rapidly growing number of church planters come to Boston to plant 100 life-giving churches by 2020 with at least one church plant in every one of Boston’s 24 neighborhoods,” says David Butler, Boston Send City Missionary.  “There is a tremendous lack of churches all over the Boston metro area, and we want to remedy this by raising up church planters to plant evangelical churches all over our city.”

Church planters wishing to join the movement or existing churches interested in partnering with Boston area planters can start the process by visiting and clicking “Send Me.”
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Fast Facts


Population in Boston

5.9 million people live in the metro Boston area.


SBC Church-Population Ratio

There is one Southern Baptist Convention church for every 39,257 metro Boston residents.

Ethnic Diversity

82% White
8.4% African American
6.9% Asian & Pacific Islander
2.2% Two or More Races
0.5% Native American
Hispanic Population (all ethnicities): 10.3%