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A Canadian Thanksgiving

October 15, 2013 by Jeff Christopherson

A Canadian Thanksgiving 

I like that “Canadian Thanksgiving” sounds like “Jour de l’Action de Grace” to a French Canadian. This “Day of the Action of Grace” every second Monday in October celebrates, among other things, a bountiful harvest.

We were blessed as a nation in 1957 when the Canadian Parliament instituted a day of gratitude to “Almighty God,” but the harvest we’re now celebrating this fall in Canada is quite simply a miracle.

Last week I gathered in Toronto with about 30 church planters and their spouses to celebrate what God was doing in the Greater Toronto Area. I knew all their names, but I wouldn’t say they were familiar faces yet.

This is actually a great thing—not to personally know every planter in the city.

In previous years many of the church planters in Toronto were those I’d played an active role in recruiting. And though I’m still investing blood, sweat and tears into this city, I’m investing it in growing our efforts, not simply in trying start churches and keep those new churches afloat.

Also last week, I sat at a dinner with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) trustees. This was the first time in the history of NAMB that its trustees have met on Canadian soil.

And at that dinner was yet another miracle—a French Canadian named David Pothier.

Pothier just launched the Francophone church in Montreal called La Chapelle. On its launch day it was instantly the largest Canadian National Baptist church. Pothier planted the church right in the heart of the most difficult-to-reach city in North America, and it continues to see numerous professions of faith weekly--with 40 baptisms on a recent Sunday.

So yes, I’m celebrating the harvest this week with my fellow Canadians, and I’m celebrating the many ways God has provided for our country. But above all I’m celebrating how the Lord of the Harvest is providing more than just daily bread. He’s providing workers for a harvest field of souls.

I can agree with my Francophone friends. This really is the Day of the Action of Grace.





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