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Nathan Rose is the senior pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri. His love for the local church propels all he does, including his role as a National Replanting Catalyst for NAMB and the Director of Church Vitality for the Clay-Platte Baptist Association. He is also a regular contributor to For the Church, a gospel-centered ministry of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is also pursuing a Ph.D. in Historical Theology. He and his wife, Rachel, have three young children. You can connect with him on Twitter at @nathanrose33.
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March 3, 2016 by Nathan Rose | Send Network
Every replanter should want to change things in a dying church. Many things. Virtually everything. If you don't want to change things, either for fear of others or complacency, chances are you aren't called to replant. Replanters are eager to...
March 2, 2016 by Nathan Rose | Send Network
The necessity of tactical patience for the replanter is crucial. Here are a few practical suggestions for implementing it. Click here to learn more.
March 1, 2016 by Nathan Rose | Send Network
We live in an era of human history where we can get just about anything at lightning speed. High-speed Internet allows us to stream and download movies, music and other internet content without delay. Amazon Prime gives us the ability to receive...
February 29, 2016 by Nathan Rose | Send Network
One of the books that I have recently been reading with my children is Aesop’s Fables. For those who may be unfamiliar with this book, it is a compilation of short stories; each one illustrates a timeless truth. Even if you’ve never heard of this...