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Won is a 2nd-generation Korean-American and a 2nd-generation church planting pastor who grew up wishing he was like everyone else in his neighborhood–Irish and Catholic. Never in his wildest nightmares did he ever envision a life of churchplanting and pastoral ministry, but God’s calling won out, and he’s been on a sanctifying journey of joy. He’s been married to Diane for over 18 years and they have five “Kwaklings”: Madelyn, Naomi, Bethany, Owen & Jordan. He’s a rabid Rutgers fan which keeps him extremely humble.

Twitter: @WsKrides
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February 7, 2018 by Won Kwak | Send Network
We plant gospel-centered churches because it is the prescribed Great Commission strategy found in the Scripture. The apostle Paul never evangelizes and disciples without planting churches (cf. Acts). So wherever the gospel was preached, congregations were formed where new believers could gather...
April 14, 2014 by Won Kwak | Send Network
Won Kwak, a 2nd generation church planter and lead pastor of Maranatha Grace Fort Lee, explains how to maintain spiritual health. Click here to learn more.