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Pastor Appreciation

June 12, 2013 by Michael Lewis
Pastors play a critical role in penetrating lostness in North America. It’s not an easy job. It includes long days and nights of preparing sermons, counseling the hurting and praying for the congregation. Ministry leadership is tough work. Take Moses as an example. In Exodus 17, Moses faced attacks from inside and outside his camp. Then, starting with verse 8, the Israelite camp came under attack from the Amalekites. Every time Moses lifted his staff, the Israelites prevailed in their battle with the Amalekites. When he dropped his staff, the Amalekites prevailed upon them. When Moses got tired, Aaron and Hur put a stone under him so he could sit down. They also held up his arms so he could continue to raise his staff. The Israelites defeated their enemy, partly because God’s people chose to support God’s appointed leader, Moses. Pastors in North America need Aarons and Hurs in their congregations to LIFT their arms and encourage them when they get tired. The North American Mission Board is helping congregations become those encouragers for their pastors this October during Pastor Appreciation Month. For more on LIFT, see the links below.

Lift for Pastors


  • LIFT is an initiative designed to lift up and encourage you and thousands of other pastors throughout North America who for many years have been overworked and underserved.
  • As the North American Mission Board (NAMB) helps Southern Baptists penetrate lostness in North America, you lead local churches that are at the heart of that mission. Your spiritual, physical and relational health is crucial to Southern Baptists’ efforts in completing that task.
  • Throughout Pastor Appreciation Month this October, we’re encouraging your congregation to LIFT you up by advocating for the following resources.


You know the hard work your pastor puts in—the long days and nights of preparing sermons, counseling the hurting and praying for you and your family. Ministry leadership is tough work.

A message from Kevin Ezell about Pastor Appreciation Month. During Pastor Appreciation Month in October, churches all across North America will honor their pastors for the countless hours of studying, counseling, teaching, equipping and praying they spend on behalf of their flocks. Whether churches do this in October or at another time during the year, the North American Mission Board supports this noble effort. Please use any of the free resources below in your own pastor-appreciation efforts.

Five simple steps to lift up God's servant in your church:

1. Download the LIFT bulletin insert or flyer and the 50 Ways to Honor Your Pastor Full Document or Promotional Flyer.

Bulletin Insert and Flyer

Download Bulletin Insert
Download Flyer

50 Ways to Honor Your Pastor Full Document and Promotional Flyer

Download Document
Download Flyer

2. Schedule an appreciation event, service or reception and promote it through posters. 3. (Optional) Purchase a VISA gift card at any local retail store, which is good at any of the hundreds of the Christian-owned inns and bed and breakfasts that are part of the Christian Hospitality Network (CHN). Click here to find a CHN location. Special pastor discounts from 25 to 50 percent off (Sunday through Thursday nights) are typical. A $300-500 gift card would typically cover a multi-night stay, giving your ministry couple the blessing of selecting the bed-and-breakfast location that best fits them. 4. Share how you lift your pastor to encourage others to do the same! Post photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #LiftMyPastor showing how you lift your pastor with one of NAMB’s resources above. Posts should include details of why and how the church body chose to lift their pastor. Each social media post that uses the hashtag #LiftMyPastor will be entered for the chance to bring Shane and Shane to their church for a worship night. Visit for details and more about entering your church’s example of pastor appreciation.

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