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The Everyday Mission of God: With Sketchnotes Part 1

July 30, 2013 by Dustin Willis
I’m not spending this week in Dallas with about 4,000 church leaders so I can hear myself talk or so that I can say I was a part of a successful conference. I’m here because God is doing something infinitely bigger than any two-day conference can contain, and I get to play a part in strengthening His church for what will be amazing days ahead.In other words we were saved so we could have the same compassion Christ had for sheep without a shepherd.
 The Gospel of Christ saves us for the mission of God through a ministry in the lives of the people around us
God has not saved us so we can stay the same or stay comfortable. He saved us to bring glory to Himself, and does this, as Jim Cymbala said yesterday, by making us, in a sense, “see people the way God sees people and feel the way God feels.” The 4,000 leaders here this week and the people and churches they return to are all called into the everyday mission of God.

Saved for a mission

The Gospel of Christ saves us for the mission of God through a ministry in the lives of the people around us. We aren’t called to achieve a two day spiritual high or to float in the clouds of parsed doctrine. We are called to the very real Gospel in a very real world where our holy hands can get pretty dirty. Jesus changes everything, and He’s changing it every day. This includes changing our community through our changed perspective on how we use our time and resources and the opportunities He’s placed before us. We are called to identify the people in our community and to remember that we are where we are for a reason. This is no accident. We are called to invest in those people for the purpose of authentic Gospel-centered relationships. We are called to invite people into Gospel community where they can experience the transformative power of Christ and his church. What we are not called to is to worry about the increase, because this can only come as God works according to His will, through our obedience to the everyday mission He’s given us. It’s an unstoppable movement that roles on through our response to our faithful God who calls us today into a moment by moment mission.We are in a movement. It’s a movement, as missiologist Aaron Coe stated yesterday, that didn’t start with us. It started about 2,000 years ago. There is nothing more freeing than abandoning your own mission and joining the everyday mission of God. SEND_Sketchnotes_Cymbala(med) SEND_Sketchnotes_Graham(med) SEND_Sketchnotes_Willis(med) SEND_Sketchnotes_Ziafat(med)

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