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Training in the Hall of Tyrannus: Part 1: The Need and the plan

December 4, 2017 by Robert Christmas

West Palm Beach, Florida was recently recognized as the city with the highest concentration of people who have never been to church. Over 90% of those living in South Florida are far from God. These are the stats that get us up early in the mornings, keep us on our knees and keep our eyes on the harvest. Family Church has a vision to reach South Florida with the good news, and we know that means getting out and engaging anywhere we can as often as we can, but it’s not always easy to get that kind of movement. Especially since it often feels like we’re plowing on a rock. But we must keep our hand to the plow.

One of the biggest needs at this point is to simply engage in the harvest more! With a base of laborers having a church background and the majority of our planters being bivocational, this is challenging. We thought about a classic push week, getting guys out in the harvest for 30-40 hours in one week, but working with bivocational church planters makes that difficult. Then I thought back to Acts 19:10—Paul reasoning daily with the disciples, and in two years, every resident in Asia heard … crazy. How did that happen? It seems clear that the Hall of Tyrannus became a mission training and sending center. There was daily activity, and it resulted in a massive amount of people hearing the message. So, though I couldn’t commit to two years daily, I did want to try training and sending daily for a set period of time—we went with one week.

I wrote up a detailed plan and sent it out to everyone I was inviting to participate. There were three sessions each day—morning, afternoon, evening. The mornings were a mixture of training and harvest time, depending on the day. The afternoons were always training and Bible study, and the evenings were always a brief training and then a focus on harvest time. We had over 15 different people involved in the training and harvest times throughout the week—resulting in over 40 gospel conversations. This was super encouraging and a big boost to the guys who are on the forefront of helping us plant churches in South Florida. Some of the gospel shares were with people we met on the street or in our neighborhoods or at a local free medical clinic. Some were with coworkers and other people we pray for regularly. We are currently following up with the fruit of that week and working for multiplication as we train them to be disciples and disciple makers!

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