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Training in the Hall of Tyrannus: Part 3: Key Takeaways

December 6, 2017 by Robert Christmas

We learned a lot from our first attempt at mimicking the daily training and sending we see in Acts 19:10. Here are a few of the key takeaways:

1. You need a plan

Having a detailed plan with times, locations and activity to be done really helped set the tone for how intentional this week was designed to be. People saw how serious we were about the training and sending and got on board. We would not have had the same participation if we just made it a focused week of sharing and encouraged everyone to share during that week. The set training times got people to make time in their week and plan to be there—this led to the kind of activity we wanted to see. Early in a movement a detailed, highly directive plan is necessary!

2. Set realistic expectations

There were three sessions a day. Some people came to at least one training every day, some only came two or three times total during the week, but most just made it to one training. We wanted to make sure they knew that whatever they were able to do was worth doing. Now that we’ve got a win under our belt, I believe guys will want to engage even more next time and will do whatever it takes to get there, but we’ll still communicate that we have realistic expectations for what they can do given their work schedule and family responsibilities.

3. Two by two

We see Jesus instructing His disciples to go out two by two, and that’s enough for us to follow His example, but we also saw some practical benefits: You can send the more experienced out with the less experienced. There is accountability for any shady situations one might find oneself in. And the two can continue to encourage each other throughout their time. Engaging in the harvest is not easy for most people—and the encouragement gained from going two by two is extremely helpful!

4. GroupMe

This was huge for sharing stories and keeping guys fired up throughout the week. It also serves as a log of the activities and results from the week. Even guys that weren’t able to be at any trainings told me later they loved seeing the pictures and stories throughout the week.

This week was a huge success in getting guys engaged in the Harvest. Those times will serve as a catalyst to continue engaging consistently, outside of Tyrannus Week. Given the overwhelmingly positive response, we have already scheduled our next one.

Update: We are just now wrapping up Tyrannus Week 2.0, and we’ve had twice as many people involved this time! We believe using this strategy once every six weeks or so will increase the number of people who are actively being trained to and doing the work of making disciples!

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