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Why the Send Network: Deploy

January 18, 2018 by Tim Wheat

As a parent, what happened the first week of December 2017 was a significant mile-marker for our family! It was the culmination of something I dreamed about 22 years ago — the accomplishment of a major goal as a parent.

What is the goal of parenting? Before answering, I admit there are varying perspectives but underlying those perspectives is that the ultimate goal of parenting is for children to eventually become independent contributors to society. (My goal is that they also would glorify God.) As much as I love my kids, it has always been the goal to prepare them to live a life on their own, independent of my wife and me, i.e out of our house and off our “payroll”!

A key step in that direction was accomplished as my oldest daughter graduated from college Dec. 8, 2017. With that accomplished, she now makes the move towards her independence. As she leaves our house, she will need assistance in a variety of forms (job, biblical community, support) for her to become all that God intends, for her to fully accomplish her purpose.

Not too different from that would be the story of the church. Every church has a biblical mission, the proclamation of the gospel, and every church has a biblical mandate to reproduce herself in expressions that carry on the mission of the church. That means every church was birthed with the goal to reproduce “offspring” to carry on the DNA (the gospel) of the church.

The sole purpose of the Send Network is to provide assistance for the church, and the ones they reproduce, so generations of churches are birthed that then give birth to the next generation of churches. Through a simple strategy of discovering, developing, and deploying those from within a church to be sent out to start new churches, the Gospel will be presented, disciples will be made, and the kingdom will advance.

With that in mind, in this final installment of “Why the Send Network,” I want to share three key ways in which the Network serves the churches who send out planters and the planters who are deployed:

We throw parties for you!

Churches that plant and planters who are deployed are the new heroes of the evangelical landscape. As such, there are a variety of ways in which the Send Network seeks to honor and celebrate these heroes. Sending Churches are celebrated through recognition events and experiences within local and national gatherings. Planters are invited into an ever-expanding brotherhood of planters that join together in fellowship events, strengthening experiences, and support gatherings. A key component of these “parties” also focuses efforts on celebrating and encouraging planter spouses as well.

We care about you!

In addition to special events, the Send Network also has a team of people that exists to regularly communicate with planters in order simply “bless” them. These blessings come in the form of phone calls to “check-in,” notes of encouragement and prayer, gift cards for specials occasions in the life of the planter and his family, and additional support for when there are unexpected personal crisis events that occur.

We help resource you!

Once a planter is deployed, resources are critical for survival, health, and multiplication. The Send Network is resourced through the sacrificial offerings and cooperative efforts of the family of Southern Baptist churches. Although the Send Network is able to provide some financial resources to planters, there is a limit to these funds. Planters still have the responsibility for gathering partners and implementing a strategy for financial sustainability. There are other resources available to the churches and planters through the Send Network that may prove more beneficial than financial support. These resources include training events, books, coaching with seasoned pastors and planters, and connections with supporting churches.

Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you …”(John 20:21). If the Kingdom is going to advance, the gospel must be preached, disciples must be made, churches must be planted, so planters must be discovered, developed, and deployed! That is “why” the Send Network exists. The real question is “what” — what will you do in response?

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