A ‘Kingdom First’ self-assessment

By Rick Duncan

As a trainer, how can you help the planters in your cohort plant true Kingdom First churches? I used language and concepts from Jeff Christopherson’s book, Kingdom First, to build a self-assessment you can give to planters to help them do some soul-searching.


A Kingdom-First Self-Assessment

In order to evaluate how focused you are on seeking first the Kingdom of Christ (Matt. 6:33) as you lead or plant a church, please take the following self-assessment. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high).

___ We have well-developed plans and strategies to give ourselves away to people groups and places who have a little or no access to an effective gospel-proclaiming church.
___ Our church’s goal is to discover, develop, and deploy church planting teams from within.
___ When people see how we spend our time, talent, and treasure, it is obvious that we believe our church is a vehicle for something beyond itself – multiplying disciples everywhere.
___ I am far less impressed and infatuated by the churches that leaders grow and that planters plant than I am by the kingdom fruit they produce.
___ I understand the difference between tools (establishing worship services, building buildings, growing staff) and purpose (becoming a rescuing and restoring community of faith). Therefore, I am fully focused on fulfilling our purpose.
___ We think it is normal for a congregation to be sacrificial and to multiply new congregations as a vital sign of kingdom health.
___ We have established goals and effective processes to raise up our own church planters and church planting teams.
___ My goal is not to offer a hipper, cooler worship service, but to create opportunities for people to bring about justice and mercy to needy and hurting people in Jesus’ name.
___ I believe the church exists to help restore the world to what it would look like if King Jesus has His way.
___ People characterize us as a selfless church, not consumed with our own apparent success or religious reputation. Instead, we are obsessed with a singular passion to grow the kingdom of Christ, even if that means giving away our members and resources.

___ My total

On which of the statements did you score highest? Where did you score lowest? What does this self-assessment tell you about your intentionality to be a “Kingdom First” church? What specific steps will you take in order to lead a true “Kingdom First” multiplying church?,

Published May 16, 2019

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Rick Duncan

Rick Duncan currently serves as the East Coast Trainer for the Send Network, the church planting arm of the North American Mission Board (NAMB). As an appointed missionary by NAMB in 1986, Rick was Founding Pastor of Cuyahoga Valley Church (CVC) near Cleveland. A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, Rick earned All-SEC baseball honors three times as an outfielder. He was drafted by the Minnesota Twins and spent five years playing professional baseball. Before becoming a pastor, Rick served four years on staff of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Jacksonville, Florida. Rick graduated from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. He loves to encourage younger leaders to create environments that God can use to invite people to new life in Christ. After 42 years of marriage, Rick is still in love with his wife, Maryanne. He enjoys spending time with his three sons: Alan, Ryan, and Evan. He is the proud father-in-law of Joanna, Alan's bride, and the proud grandfather of Ethan (7) and Caleb (3).