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Once known for its thriving steel industry, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has earned a reputation today for its food, art and culture scene. About 2.5 million people live in the metro area, and the average age of 32 is well below the national average. The affordable cost of living here makes it an ideal place for dreamers to give their ideas a go, and technology giants such as Google and Facebook have picked up on that perk as well. The city seems to be growing by the day, yet the number of active churches is not. It’s time for that to change.

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Known for its advancements in industry and infrastructure, Pittsburgh boasts some 446 bridges within its city limits and the largest inland port in the country. Loyal fans of the Penguins, Steelers and Pirates know the city as a hub for athletic excellence, and many students call this place home. Food, culture, arts and activities are on the rise, drawing visitors from around the globe. And recently, BusinessWeek ranked Pittsburgh one of the top places to live and raise a family in America, which only adds to its reputation as one of the most habitable cities in the Northeast.

Yet with all this, there is still something missing in the city of Pittsburgh. Though the city is rich in religious tradition, there is a significant lack of healthy, gospel-centered churches. Currently, there are only 53 Southern Baptist churches serving the Pittsburgh population of close to 2.5 million people. With only one church for every 45,841 residents, there simply aren’t enough churches to reach all the lost and seeking people who call Pittsburgh home.

“What this city needs more than anything is a genuine community of Christians who are committed for the long-haul,” says Pittsburgh area church planter, Rob Maine. “There is a need in Pittsburgh for people to come, share the gospel, make disciples and pray that Jesus will do what He promised us in Scripture.”

From planting a church to partnering with those already on mission in Pittsburgh, you and your church can make a difference; connect with us to learn how.

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