Whatever It Takes

Race relations in the Southern Baptist Convention

August 9, 2017

By Kevin Ezell

In June, most of us winced as the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) fumbled the ball on race relations during a debate over voting on a resolution about the “alt right.” We recovered later in the game and finished strong, but unfortunately the damage was done.

Later I wondered how so many people who are sincere about racial reconciliation can continue to have so much trouble with it. So I sat down to talk about it with two of my friends and I think the conversation sheds a lot of light on the entire situation.

Russell Moore is president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and he has worked tirelessly for racial reconciliation within the SBC. Dhati Lewis pastors Blueprint Church in Atlanta and also leads BLVD, the North American Mission Board’s church planting training track for pastors who are planting a church in an urban setting.

No matter your ethnic background, I think you will find this to be a very interesting and helpful discussion. Part one, which we are posting today, discusses our current situation and why minority groups in the SBC feel that so little progress has been made on this issue. In a few days, we will post part two, which covers how we can take tangible steps to move forward.

I am convinced that in order to reach North America, we need to start looking more and more like North America. That will only happen when we as churches and individuals make intentional efforts to be welcoming and inclusive of all people, regardless of their race or ethnic background.

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