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Solid here, stronger there

August 1, 2016 by Kevin Ezell

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul outlines the different roles we each play within the body of Christ. Each is important as the Church carries out the mission of God.

It is the same with the mission field. In Acts 1:8, Jesus sent out His followers telling us to be witnesses in Jerusalem (your city), Judea (your state), Samaria (your nation) and the ends of the earth. Every part of the mission field is dependent on the other.

What if your church neglected your city as a mission field? You would stop seeing new believers. Eventually, you wouldn’t have anyone to send out to the farther mission fields. In fact, ultimately, you wouldn’t even have an offering to send!

This illustrates how much what we do “here” (at home) impacts what we are able to do “there” (globally).

I believe North America needs more churches. Some people would say I’m too focused on that! I believe new churches are the best way to introduce new people to Jesus, but there is another important reason to start new churches here. These are the churches that will support and send tomorrow’s missionaries.

The North American Mission Board helps plant churches with missions in their DNA. We require that they give to missions—6 percent to the SBC Cooperative Program; 4 percent to other SBC missions—and we expect the new church to start a church in the near future.

We also encourage them to partner with the International Mission Board to reach an unreached people group. In these ways we are helping to ensure there will be a solid base of churches at home to continue supporting the mission around the globe. 

Discover your church’s next missional opportunity at namb.net/SendMe. Your donations to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program make mission strategies a reality. Give at AnnieArmstrong.com and imb.org/Giving.

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