Whatever It Takes

Some practical steps toward racial reconciliation

August 16, 2017

Recently, I sat down to have a conversation about race relations and racial reconciliation in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). This past weekend (Aug. 12), we saw yet another example of the importance of getting these issues right. When we are shocked by events like what occurred in Charlottesville, Va., many wonder, “What can I do to be a part of the solution?”

The eventual resolution that denounced the “alt right” during the SBC annual meeting was a step in the right direction. More steps must be taken, though, and they need to be taken by the Christ followers in our local churches.

Dhati Lewis and Russell Moore joined me for part two of a discussion that started last week. Dhati pastors Blueprint Church in Atlanta and leads the North American Mission Board’s urban church planting efforts. Russell Moore is president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

In today’s discussion, Dhati, Russell and I focus on practical steps we can take to move forward. Last week, we posted the first half of our conversation in which we talked about the current situation in the SBC and why many minorities feel that the SBC has been moving too slowly on these issues.

As I said in last week’s post, we will not reach North America unless we start looking more like North America. And I believe this podcast will give some great, first steps for bringing about reconciliation in our communities.

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