Your Church On Mission

Interview with Chris Stephens @ Faith Promise

Joel Southerland05.30.18

Chris Stephens is the Senior Pastor at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, Tenn. In 2014 the church averaged over 5,200 in worship every weekend and baptized 760 people. Watch as Pastor Chris shares his story and recounts how God has worked through their church to reach people for Christ.

0:40 – Chris shares his story and the story of Faith Promise Church.

4:34 – Leadership steers a church to or away from a culture of evangelism.

10:25 – The vision statement guides the way Pastor Chris equips church members to be on mission in all of life.

13:11 – Pastor Chris discusses how strategy works as a framework to lead their church to be on mission.

14:40 – Weekend worship gatherings provide an opportunity to gather on mission.

23:20 – How has Pastor Chris developed such an evangelistic culture at Faith Promise?

30:16 – A Church is missional as it is motivating, training, and releasing church members to live on mission in everyday life.

33:40 – Time management.

36:35 – Sermon prep.

39:00 – What is the most evangelistic thing Pastor Chris does?

Discover more about Pastor Chris and Faith Promise Church at their website or twitter @drchrisstephens.