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Proven methods to increase Easter attendance


In this podcast Joel Southerland and Scott Smith discuss how and why your church should leverage the most important Sunday of the year to have the greatest impact.

1:40 – The biggest Sunday for a church is Easter Sunday.
2:40 – Hal Seed talks about the importance of special Sundays at church like Easter.
5:10 – Easter is a Sunday a great opportunity for ministry promotion and for introducing new guests to your church.
5:27 – There are two schools of thought about Easter Sunday.
8:02 – Sharing the gospel is a win.
10:02 – Discover the concept of Saturation.
14:00 – The hosts name some offline promotional ideas for a church.
19:55 – Learn how offline and online promotion can work together in a church.
22:27 – The hosts names some online promotional ideas.
25:46 – Learn why it’s best to advertise Easter Sunday service on Facebook three weeks ahead of time.
27:43 – Discover the best idea you’ve ever heard

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