• Legacy Church Planting

    Does your church need to consider and acknowledge that the current ministry is coming to an end? There is a process that will allow you to start down a new path to have lasting impact and reach your changing community. 

    Legacy Church Planting may be the next step for your church to consider. What seems to be a crisis can really be an opportunity to see God do something glorious. If you have come to the realization that it is time to consider an entirely new start for your church, we have a plan and want to talk with you about a process for planting a new church right in your community.

    Legacy Church Plant Criteria

    To be considered for a Legacy Church Plant project, the following criteria will be applied:

    • A Missions Site Assessment will be conducted to determine the feasibility of a Legacy Church Plant project at that location.
    • The church will agree to a change in leadership and decision-making structure.
    • The church will agree to deed over properties and assets to a Sending Church, the Association, the State Convention or the North America Mission Board.

    To explore Legacy Church Planting, contact Chris Emery, NAMB Revitalization Team Leader at legacy@namb.net or 770-410-6540.