From battlefields to hospitals, from prison cells to boardrooms, chaplains are ministering in places where churches often cannot go.

Answer the Call

In some of the most emotionally intense and spiritually fraught circumstances imaginable, chaplains bring the light of Christ. On behalf of the Southern Baptist Convention, we endorse and provide continued education and support for thousands of chaplains across many mission fields in North America and beyond.

Corporate Chaplaincy

From industry headquarters to community settings, corporate chaplains are comforters, pastors, teachers and counselors. In places where people invest their time and talents, corporate chaplains help them discover how faith impacts their work.

Community Service Chaplaincy

Community Service Chaplains provide insightful and compassionate care, often in collaboration with volunteer agencies. They support individuals, families, businesses, corporations, schools and groups in the local community in times of crisis.

Disaster Relief Chaplaincy

Few areas of mission service require greater spiritual sensitivity and a more rapid response to human need than a disaster. Disaster relief chaplains extend the witness and care of the church to people whose lives have been unexpectedly interrupted.

Healthcare Chaplaincy

Healthcare chaplains extend compassion and care for spiritual and emotional health. Providing a listening ear and support to patients, their families and hospital staff, they are the hands and feet of Jesus in a variety of healthcare settings.

Institutional Chaplaincy

Institutional chaplains offer connection and healing to inmates disconnected and invisible from society. Through consistent presence and spiritual counseling, they provide hope, encouragement and resources to inmates and staff.

Military Chaplaincy

Whether ministering to service members on active duty, in the reserves or national guard, military chaplains experience the same struggles as those they serve. With an eternal perspective, military chaplains interact with people of all faiths in a compassionate and gospel-centered way

Public Safety Chaplaincy

Public safety chaplains serve as calm in the storm to first responders and engage the community in times of crisis. From support and encouragement to counseling and resources, these chaplains extend gospel influence into life-and-death situations.

We’re Standing Together

We know your mission field is diverse, difficult and constantly changing. But you are not alone. As an SBC chaplain, you are part of a team, more than 3,700 strong. We are here to equip and encourage you. In addition to relevant resources and annual training opportunities around the world, regionally based chaplain ambassadors are on call to support you in your life and ministry. We further support military communities through focused church planting efforts.

I was the only one left standing when the car bomb went off. God, in His infinite sovereignty, spared me. It was in that moment God confirmed a call to ministry. The chaplaincy is just like the pastorate on steroids. As a chaplain in Afghanistan, I was really able to be bold with my soldiers. I could say that I do know what it’s like to lose a friend. I do know what it’s like to get injured, and to have that connection is everything.
- Captain Jared Vineyard
Captain Steve Moses, CHC, USN
"We get to talk with atheists and agnostics, people who have different beliefs. Because we provide care and support, doors are open for evangelism and sharing the love of Christ. It really is an amazing job."