Welcome to the apologetics resources page of the North American MIssion Board. Apologetics is an essential part of sharing Jesus with others. It is important to equip yourself and your church with clear and staightforward answes to the questions that unbelievers face.

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The predominant superstition of our times is Progress. Belief in lower-case 'progress' is reasonable, for progress can be made toward definable goals in specific fields, such as electrical engineering, plumbing or surgery. But people often believe in upper-case Progress, as in “The Progress of...
by J. Steve Lee | Apologetics
On Dec. 2, 2015, a mass shooting by two terrorists killed 14 people in California’s Inland Regional Center. Three years earlier, a gunman forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and shot 20 first graders and six adults. From shootings like these to natural disasters that...