The Dying Church Planter


The Dying Church Planter


The Dying Church Planter

Church planting in the inner city

Church planting in the inner city

Michael and Traci Byrd moved out of a rough inner city neighborhood of St. Louis, swearing they’d never go back. But God had other plans.
7 Powerful Prayers for Your Pastor Husband

7 Powerful Prayers for Your Pastor Husband

As wives to pastors and church planters, we carry a holy calling to pray for our spouse. Here are seven Scripture-based prayers we can pray on behalf of our husbands.
Leading the Church You Plant

Leading the Church You Plant

Leading a church plant is very different than leading an established church. Here are five simple ways to lead your church plant well.

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Since 2010, Southern Baptists have planted more than 10,000 churches all across North America.

We believe God uses church planting to heal brokenness. 

Brokenness is pervasive in every community across North America, and this brokenness is only healed through the hope of the gospel.

Church planting is our strategy to spread the gospel, respond to brokenness and to bring about restorative healing — spiritually, emotionally, economically and socially.

Church planting isn't just a ministry for individual planters. It's a ministry for the whole Church — corporately and globally. At Send Network, we value:

  • Seek first the kingdom
    God is at work locally and globally.
  • Deepen devotion
    Without prayer and the Word, we are powerless.
  • Stick together
    We are a family united by a mission.
  • Think multiplication
    God’s global mission demands disciples and churches that multiply.
  • Engage your city
    The gospel changes lives, families and communities.

10,000+ churches planted since 2010

80%+ of church plants thrive past four years

11% of all SBC churches are Send Network churches

18% of all SBC baptisms are from Send Network churches

16 church plants in Puerto Rico since 2016, the first SBC plants there in 25 years

1,360+ Hispanic churches planted from 2011-2021

790+ African American SBC churches planted from 2011-2021

An average 55%+ of SBC church plants are minority ethnic or multi-ethnic

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