Church Planting as a Family

Church planting isn’t just a ministry of church planters—it’s a ministry of the whole family.

Encourage, Inspire and Resource

Church planters have many teammates and partners, but his most important partner in ministry is his wife. Support, direction, guidance — whatever the planter needs, his wife and family likely need it, too. Send Network is here to encourage, inspire and resource church planting families to fulfill the Great Commission in their context. Send Network’s Spouse Care Development team engages women in order to create community, provide care, equip her with training, and support her with coaching to allow her to flourish in her unique and irreplaceable role in planting multiplying churches in North America.

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Resources for Planting Wives

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7 Powerful Prayers for Your Pastor Husband

7 Powerful Prayers for Your Pastor Husband

As wives to pastors and church planters, we carry a holy calling to pray for our spouse. Here are seven Scripture-based prayers we can pray on behalf of our husbands.

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You and your family are serving on the front lines of ministry, and that can be as exhausting as it is rewarding. We want to be an extension of your family—partners in prayer, care and practical encouragement.

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