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Though every church plant is unique, there are fundamental steps along the way. From clarifying your call, to developing a contextual strategy, to staying connected for encouragement and support, we are here to walk with you.

As a first step, register your interest in church planting.

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After your application is received, you will receive a link to several in-depth, online assessment surveys measuring your readiness in three categories: church planting capacity, personal character and marriage (if applicable). Once reviewed, you will receive either an invitation to attend an assessment retreat or to participate in the Church Planter Pipeline, which is a 1-to-3-year development process built around specific church planting competencies.

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Connect with other new planters at orientation sessions across North America. This is an encouraging and culture-building time of networking, inspiration and fun where you will learn more about Send Network's culture and values.

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One size won’t fit all when it comes to church planting. Your context informs and determines your approach. Contextualized training helps prepare you to succeed whether you’re planting on a college campus, replanting an older congregation or establishing a plant while maintaining another career in the community.

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Great coaches help church planters turn truth into action. Mentors, teachers, trainers, family and friends have influential voices in the church planting process, and the church planter hears them all. In the first two years of a church plant, a coach helps a church planter pursue his kingdom assignment, providing an “asking” voice in the sea of “telling” voices.

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Healthy churches are planted by healthy church planting couples. For Send Network planting couples, there is a team behind you. We are here to encourage you as you do the hard work of church planting. It’s a tough calling, and we desire to encourage couples along the way by constantly showing our appreciation for you and your work. Through events, resources, gifts and community building with other planting couples in your area, you will know you’re not alone.

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