Church planting takes wisdom, strategy and support to navigate the complex challenges of establishing a ministry. A coach is the planter’s “son of encouragement” to walk beside him during the wins and challenges of church planting.

The Church Planter's Coach

Great coaches help church planters turn truth into action. Mentors, teachers, trainers, family and friends have influential voices in the church planting process, and the church planter hears them all. In the first two years of a church plant, a coach helps a church planter pursue his kingdom assignment, providing an “asking” voice in the sea of “telling” voices.

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My coach helped me by offering wisdom and encouragement to stay the course and trust The Lord. Church planting is difficult, and it is comforting to be paired with someone who has not only been where you are, but they have succeeded in establishing the foundation of a new church.

Zach Randles
Waterfront Church, Washington, DC

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