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  • Send North America: Atlanta
    The city of Atlanta boasts a rapidly growing impact nationwide. Home to the world’s busiest airport, a team in each major sports league, a budding film and television industry and an outpost for most Fortune 500 companies, the city is quickly becoming known as a hub of influence.

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    City Coordinator: Jim Haskell

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  • Fast Facts

       Atlanta Facts 
    Population in Atlanta
    5.71 million people lived in the metro Atlanta area in 2011.
    SBC Church-Population Ratio
    There is one Southern Baptist Convention church for every 4,157 metro Atlanta residents.
    Ethnic Diversity
    (51.3 percent Anglo, 32.1 percent African American, 11 percent Hispanic, 4.9 percent Asian/Pacific Islander, 0.5 percent Native American)  

    Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, SBC Annual Church Profile, 2010 U.S. Religion Census: Religious Congregation & Membership Study
    Statistics are for the Send North America: Atlanta focus area. Compiled by the NAMB Center for Missional Research.