The Prayer
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the only church Derek Collings and his family ever knew. The day that changed is the day The Prayer began.

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  • DOM/CPC Update - January 2016

    NAMB wants to partner with churches and local associations to see church members mobilized from “pews to action.” In this update, NAMB president Kevin Ezell describes how.

    Actions Always Speak Louder

    Disaster relief is dirty, sweaty, beautiful, life-changing work. That makes it the perfect work for college students. And help is needed in Detroit, South Carolina, New York, Washington and across the country.


    Catch the Vision Tour

    A “Catch the Vision Tour” (CTV) is typically a two-day experience where pastors/key leaders from your church travel to a Send City where you will be hosted by NAMB’s Send City Missionary.



    SBDR ApprEciation Day

    The first Sunday in November each year is Southern Baptist Disaster Relief appreciation Sunday. See the many ways that SBDR volunteers bring help, healing and hope to those affected by disaster.

    A Flood of Emotion

    After floodwaters destroyed homes, possessions and lives in her Columbia, S.C., neighborhood, Ruby McElveen said life there would, "never be the same.” But now that Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams have arrived to help clean up and rebuild, Ruby says, “it’s true, life will never be the same—it’ll be better.”


    This is My Life

    Andrew Jones had a loving family, a good job, and great friends in the Kentucky town where he was born and raised. Last year, he and his wife left it all and moved to Salt Lake City.


    All You Need is Love

    86% of the people in Morgan County, Utah belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How do you start a Southern Baptist church in a place like that? Jeff Hurlbut knows how.


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