Send North America: Los Angeles 
    It's beautiful and ugly, palm trees and traffic jams, Hollywood and the 'hood. Los Angeles is all things to all people. Here, there are Southern Baptist church planters bringing the truth of Jesus to one of the most influential cities in the world. Download > 

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  • SNA AAEO Appeal

    SNA AAEO Appeal

    DOM/CPC Update - March 2014

    DOM/CPC Update - Oct. 4, 2013In this month's webcast, Kevin Ezell outlines NAMB's new evangelism outreach tool and also answers a question about how NAMB funds church plants outside of large cities.

    Send North America: Edmonton

    Send North America: Edmonton

    The faces of Edmonton reflect the lostness and hollow lives of the people of one of Canada's great cities. But hope is alive in Edmonton through the gospel, brought by church planters living lives on mission.

    Firmly Planted: 2014 North American Missions Emphasi

    They are your missionaries. And they are firmly planted. In this video, meet six North American missionaries who represent the thousands of others you support with your prayers and gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.



    Send North America: Seattle

    The first time they walked through this city, what did they see? In this video, walk the streets of Seattle with Southern Baptist church planters and see the city as they see it.



    C is for Cookie: Barry Rager

    Nothing says "I love you" like a cookie. As they began the work of planting a church in Indianapolis, that's the lesson Barry Rager and his family have learned.



    It Takes a Church to Raise a Village: Dan Hyun

    The Village Church needed space. Hampden Baptist Church needed a shot in the arm. For Baltimore church planter Dan Hyun and the people of Hampden Baptist, this was a marriage made in heaven.



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