Scientific Evidence Has Shown There Is No God

Many non-scientists believe this myth. In reality, science poses more problems for atheism than it does for theism.

What would scientific evidence against God be? Science defines itself by its effort to explain the physical world of matter and energy. Since science properly prohibits itself from investigating the non-physical, there can be no scientific evidence against God.

However, physicalists shift from science to metaphysics when they assert that only what science can investigate is real. This is a simple declaration of a philosophical worldview, not a scientific proposition.

That science investigates only the physical in no way shows that there is nothing beyond the physical. If scientific evidence disproved God, the many first-rate scientists who believe in God would be atheists.

This post is an excerpt from the book Exposing Myths About Christianity by Jeffrey Burton Russell (IVP Books, 2012). It is used with permission. You can purchase this resource in its entirety here.


Published April 11, 2018