Church Replanting

Is your church struggling to embrace a changing culture and community? Is your membership dwindling because of frustration, confusion, and exhaustion? Do you feel called to serve churches like these? You are not alone. There is hope.

What is Church Replanting?

Each year hundreds of Southern Baptist churches hold their final services and close their doors. The vast majority of these churches are in communities that desperately need a gospel witness. In the midst of this tragedy there is hope. Hope is found in the power of the gospel and strategic partnerships to replant these dying churches for God's glory. We can help.

Replanting a church becomes a platform
to display God's glory.

By the power of the gospel,
that which was once dead is now alive.

- Mark Clifton
Our philosophy is simple:

shepherd people,
love them well,
know them and be in their lives.

- Mark Hallock, Church Replanter
Does Your Church Need Help?

Believers in struggling churches must face reality and see things as they are, not as they wish they were or how they used to be. Courageous steps are required to start the journey toward vitality, health and a strong gospel presence in the community once again. Take a quick online survey to assess the current health of your church. To learn ways we can help, contact a member of the Replant team.

Are You a Replanter?

You can be part of a redemptive movement to restore health and vitality to churches in crisis. God can use your unique gifts and experiences to facilitate church renewal, revitalization, and replanting.

Strategic Church Partner

This relationship is formed as two churches who are of like mind (theologically and missiologically) come together to pray, think through and strategize how the struggling or weaker church can move forward with its mission of proclaiming the gospel to the community more effectively.

Supporting Church Partner

A supporting church is one that comes alongside of a struggling or weak church (or a church plant) and offers assistance through prayer, participation and provision.

Sending Church Partner

A sending church accepts responsibility for a church replant until it is self-sustaining, self-governing and self-propagating. Serving a church replant as a sending church is an incredible opportunity; it represents the highest level of involvement a congregation can make in the work of replanting.

Support from Local Associations

The work of local associations is vital and critical to the work of replanting struggling congregations. No one is more familiar or closer to the church than the leaders in local associations. The Associational Replanting Guide was developed by a local association and it provides a process for beginning the conversation with a declining or dying church, outlining how to move them to consider Jesus’ plan for their future.

Join the Replant Collective

The Replant Collective is an online learning community for anyone interested or engaged in the work of replanting. It equips leaders with the best resources for use in leading dying churches to regain health and vitality for the glory of God and the good of their communities. We deliver online resources, and advance notice of upcoming events and gatherings, directly to your inbox. Members can also use the Replanter's Mailbag, to engage in exclusive dialogue with a team of experienced replanters.