Welcome to the apologetics resources page of the North American MIssion Board. Apologetics is an essential part of sharing Jesus with others. It is important to equip yourself and your church with clear and staightforward answes to the questions that unbelievers face.

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by Dan DeWitt | Apologetics
Nearly everyone I’ve known who is active in apologetic work deeply understands the necessity of the Spirit to bring about conversion. I’ve never met an apologist who sincerely believed his arguments could, in and of themselves, change someone’s heart. I have, however, met many who pray fervently...
by Doug Powell | Apologetics
The word “cosmos” is a Greek word that refers to everything that exists—the universe itself and all its constituents. The cosmological argument for the existence of God tries to show that because anything exists there must be a God who brought it into existence. In other words, without a God to...