Church Replanting

Are You a Replanter?

Is God calling you to be part of a redemptive movement to restore health and vitality to churches in crisis and in need? Do you have gifts and experiences that are uniquely suited toward church renewal, revitalization and replanting?

The Replanter Assessment

NAMB offers a two-day intensive assessment designed to help you understand and gain insight into your calling, skills and gifting for the work of replanting.  If married, your spouse is invited to attend and partcipate in the assessment with you.

Characteristics commonly found in church replanters

  • Visionary Shepherd
  • High Pain Tolerance
  • Respect for a Church's Legacy
  • Passion for Multi-Generational Ministry
  • Resourceful Generalist
  • Tactical Patience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Spousal Perseverance