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Each week our team members receive inquiries from Pastors, Churches and Denominational Leaders who ask; “How can we be part of the Replanting Movement?” Thanks for asking, consider the following:

Work Locally: First and foremost the work of Replanting a Church begins locally. When the leaders of a congregation come to realize that their church is in great need, when they commit to seeking God for their future and when they are open to doing what ever it takes to see the church become a vibrant gospel proclaiming body they are ready to begin the work. Often, this church is being served by an interim pastor who plays an important role in leading them to make the difficult decisions in preparation for their future. 

Read Widely: there are a great number of resources being created on the subject of Replanting. The best resources don’t prescribe a model or a one size fits all approach. The best resources begin addressing the spiritual condition of the church before the structure of the church. Consult our resource page for books we recommend.

Prepare Personally: there is nothing more difficult than addressing the death and decline rate of local churches. You’ll encounter more than outdated systems and dated facilities. You’re entering a spiritual battle zone where the enemy has held ground for years, perhaps decades. In addition to congregation conflict you’ll encounter significant spiritual warfare. Persist in prayer, develop a team around you for encouragement and prayer and understand that suffering and spiritual attack are signs that the work is progressing, not that it should cease.

Learn Continuously: Events focused on the work of Replanting are occurring more and more, on the local, regional and national levels. We encourage you to gather a group of pastors, associational and state leaders and attend these events for equipping and encouragement. Hear from one State leader and his experience at the recent Replantlab held at NAMB.

Replanting is important work; leaders and advocates are need at every level in every setting. Join the movement, there’s nothing that glorifies God about a dying church, and there’s nothing that brings glory to God more than a church that has come back from the dead.

Published September 8, 2016

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The Replant team of the North American Mission Board works to reverse the death and decline rate of Churches. For more information and resources on Replanting go to and follow @churchreplanter.