Encouragement and community for replanter wives

By Barb Bickford

As wives of replanting pastors, life can get a little sideways sometimes. It is easy to feel lonely, isolated, and unsure. It is important that we encourage one another and lift each other up in prayer.

After attending a replanters’ event last summer and spending a little time with some replanter’s wives, I noticed a common theme: Many of them felt alone. They didn’t feel they had anyone to confide in. It occurred to me they needed a safe place where they could interact with others on the same journey.

So we created just such a place. The Replanters’ Wives Facebook page was set up specifically as a means ofencouraging replanting pastor’s wives. We aim to provide a safe space where we can share honestly the struggles and victories we experience as we walk the road of replanting a church with our husbands. We will pray together, share devotions and other helpful articles, and encourage one another. All activity on this page will be kept confidential.

If you are a replanting pastor’s wife, and would like to join this page, simple log onto your Facebook account and search “Replanters’ Wives.” Request to join the group, and you will be prompted to answer a couple questions. Once these questions are answered your request will be approved. Upon approval, we ask that you read and like the pinned post.

If you are a replanting pastor, please pass this information on to your wife. We want to include as many wives as possible. This is a great place to encourage and be encouraged!

Published February 1, 2018

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Barb Bickford

Always valuing and looking for a way to refresh items of antiquity, Replanting was a natural choice. Barb and Bob, her husband of over 30 years, have spent that same amount of time in various ministry settings together. They most recently spent over nine years replanting a church in the St Louis metro. Barb has had the opportunity to encourage other Replant pastor wives in small group settings, as well as being a speaker at various NAMB events such as Am I a Replanter and The Replant Summit. She enjoys encouraging and praying for women in ministry, specifically Replant wives. Barb is Mama to three incredible young adults, Gammy to five of the most precious little humans and dog mom to rescued pittie mixes Dax and Daisy.