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Numerous church publications and ministry resources are presented to us through email and social media. In many ways, it can seem as if there are no limits to the amount of church information being brought to our attention.

So with this abundance of information, why should someone join the Replant Collective?

Here are five brief reasons to consider joining:

Specific content — The Replant Collective focuses on providing content that is specifically focused on church replanting and church revitalization. Undoubtedly, there are multiple aspects of our ministries. The Replant Collective strives to provide relevant information about church replanting and church revitalization.

The voice of experience — The Replant Collective features content from replant pastors who have been involved in replanting and revitalizing churches. There are times when we may want to hear about theories or suggestions, but one of the primary values of the Replant Collective is that all of the information and resources that are shared come from pastors who have lived out and experienced church replanting and church revitalization.

Relevant resources —The resources shared and offered through the Replant Collective contain the most current and up to date content that pertains to church replanting and church revitalization. The Replant Collective consistently updates and provides new information multiple times each week.

The value of variety —The Replant Collective provides multiple forms of content, including access to the newest and latest podcasts, blog content, and books. With an awareness that there are various learning styles, as well as various time demands, the Replant Collective consistently features a variety of content in a variety of forms.

The glory of God — The Replant Collective exists to provide the most relevant and best content concerning church replanting and church revitalization. But the reason for this is to bring honor and glory to God alone. The Replant Collective has no other motive or reason to exist. There are no financial motives, no desire for notoriety, no pursuit of fame. The Replant Collective simply strives to make the name of Jesus known as dead and dying churches are revitalized and brought back to life.

Published June 19, 2018

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