Membership covenants: Examples

By Replant

In a previous post, Pastor Nathan Rose, helped us understand not only the importance a membership covenant plays in the life of a church but how to begin implementing them. Today we are providing you with a few examples of membership covenants from Replanted Churches.

We hope these will be useful to you as you prayerfully consider utilizing covenants in your congregation.
In these churches the process of signing a membership covenant and committing to membership occurs after:

  • Participation in a membership class
  • A membership interview with a Pastor or Elder
  • Reading the Covenant together and asking and answering questions and checking for understanding.

Liberty Baptist Church Membership Covenant

The Groves Church Membership Covenant

Jesus Our Redeemer Membership Covenant

Do you use a membership covenant? Share your’s below in the comments section.

Published January 19, 2017

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