Pastor, You’re Not Alone

By Matt Henslee

Sometimes, ministry is awesome. Other times, not so much.

There might be times you think you’re alone, and while we all know and preach Jesus is Emmanuel – “God with us” – there might be a season you feel your prayers bounce off the ceiling. You have no one in your corner, and you’re all alone.

That’s a lie from the pit of hell, but in difficult seasons, when you just can’t seem to catch a break, you need to know there’s help.

1. 844-PASTOR1

Put that in your phone—right now.

That number is a free, confidential, dedicated helpline with trained, professional counselors for pastors who are available every day from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. (CST) provided by Focus on the Family and the North American Mission Board.

2. Reach out

Find a fellow pastor or a few in your tribe who’ll have your back.

Maybe they’re seasoned pastors who’ve been through the ups and downs of ministry. Maybe they’re close enough to grab a cup of coffee – anytime, anywhere, no questions asked.

If you can’t find one, reach out to your local and state denominational leaders and ask them to connect you with someone.

If that doesn’t work, send me a direct message on Twitter.

3. Get help

We’ve written about mental health before, but don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

There may be things going on that require more than a phone call or cup of coffee with a trusted friend. Commit, right now, to get whatever help you need.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but a gentle reminder that you’re not alone. Help is out there, and this storm will pass.

Until it passes, know you’re loved far more than you’ll ever know this side of heaven.

We’re rooting for you. We’re here for you. Let’s move forward as “battle buddies” for the glory of His great name!

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared at LifeWay Pastors.,

Published May 13, 2020

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Matt Henslee

Matt Henslee (@mhenslee) is the pastor of Mayhill Baptist Church in Mayhill, New Mexico, D.Min student of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of a few books, including Evangelize to Revitalize and Text-Driven Invitation.