Review: Reclaiming Glory: Revitalizing Dying Churches

Mark Clifton (B&H Books, 2023)

“What about a dying church brings glory to God?”

In the newly revised edition of Reclaiming Glory, Mark Clifton wrestles with that very question. His conclusion is: “Nothing about a dying church brings glory to God.”

You’ll be encouraged by stories of transformation – churches that have experienced a renewed season of ministry and health. One of these is Wornall Road Baptist Church, the congregation Mark pastored in Kansas City, Missouri. Once a vibrant and healthy church in the heart of Kansas City, when Mark arrived the congregation averaged 18 people in a sanctuary that sat over 600. Over the next decade, the Lord used Mark to replant Wornall, leading it to experience new life and ministry to its local community.

You’ll also be equipped as he shares different pathways for dying churches, six replanting imperatives and 13 characteristics of effective replanters.

Whether you are a long-time pastor of an existing church that is experiencing decline or embarking on a new journey with a church that needs to be revitalized or replanted, you’ll find this new version of Reclaiming Glory to be an invaluable resource.

This edition includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter, as well as short videos to accompany each chapter, which are available for free here.

Get this book. Read it – either alone or with a group of pastors or leaders from your church. You will be greatly encouraged as you do!

Published May 24, 2023

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