Review: Reclaiming Glory: Revitalizing Dying Churches

Mark Clifton (B&H Books, 2016)

What about dying churches brings God glory?


That’s the conviction that launched Mark Clifton on a journey that would transform his ministry. Clifton had served for more than two decades in some of the most difficult-to-reach areas of North America. Yet little prepared him to return Kansas City, Mo., not far from where he grew up, as he came face-to-face with dying churches on nearly every corner.

Burdened by what he saw, Clifton accepted the call to revitalize Wornall Road Baptist Church, a once-thriving church in the city that now had only 18 regular attendees. Clifton then began to apply many of the principles he learned as a church planter— he prayed, exegeted the community, developed a simple strategy, focused on reaching young men, and made disciples who made disciples. Slowly, God brought new life into the old church.

In Reclaiming Glory, Clifton tells his story and shares the biblical principles that led to the church’s revitalization. It’s a great resource for church leaders (pastoral or lay) who long to see God bring new life to their church. Not only does it provide hands-on advice, but you’ll find inspiring stories that show you how other replanters have seen God bring life to dying churches.

The book is a great first step for any church that is plateaued or dying.