Reclaiming glory

By Bob Bickford

My good friend and mentor Mark Clifton has authored what I believe is one of the most foundational books available on Church Replanting. If you are interested in knowing more about the work of Replanting or you are praying through a call to Replant a Church here are ten reasons why you must get this book immediately:

  1. Mark speaks from experience having Replanted a church that was near death but is now a vibrant part of its community.
  2. Reclaiming Glory is about the important work of spiritual renewal which must come before strategic renewal.
  3. Mark understands and has a deep love for God’s church.
  4. There is an enormous need for Church Replanting–nearly 800-900 Churches close their doors each year.
  5. The Church Replanting movement is growing at an exponential rate.
  6. God is calling gifted, competent men of character to this work–Reclaiming Glory will not only serve as a field guide for them but be a regular source of encouragement throughout the experience.
  7. Reclaiming Glory is written from a Pastor’s point of view–Mark is a practitioner who loves, mentors and prays for pastors.
  8. This resource will be extremely helpful for Elders, Deacons, Search Committees and Directors of Mission as they work in or with churches near death.
  9. Replanting is not Church Planting or Revitalization, it is an altogether different work–even though their may be some similarities–Reclaiming Glory will help you discern the differences.
  10. Because there is nothing about a dying church that glorifies God.

Order: Reclaiming Glory

Published June 2, 2016

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Bob Bickford

Bob Bickford is a Replant Pastor in suburban St. Louis, serves as the Associate Director of Replant for the North American Mission Board and is the co-author of Am I a Replanter,  Pathways to Partnership and the Associational Replanting Guide. Follow Bob on twitter @bobick