Replant Redo pt. 2

By Brad O'Brien

What would you do differently in your Replant/Revitalization if you could have a “do over?”

  • I wouldn’t assume that God loves my church plant more than a 158 year old church that is struggling to survive.
  • I wouldn’t speak negatively about men that follow God’s call to pastor dying churches.
  • I would listen more and speak less
  • I would press thru uncomfortableness and learn how to visit the sick & shut-ins regularly
  • I would view the first 5 years as chapter 1
  • I wouldn’t fight against God’s desire to use the replant in my personal sanctification
  • I would be more proactive in finding other brothers replanting for encouragement and sharpening
  • I would not rush the process of identifying elders
  • I would be more patient in teaching members of the existing church about why membership matters
  • I would be more collaborative in my leadership

Published December 15, 2016

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Brad O'Brien

Brad O'Brien and his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland, to plant a church in the heart of the city, after serving on staff at the Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina, for 10 years. Ultimately God led them to merge their church plant with an existing church that had been established in 1855. Brad and his wife, Jena-Marie, have been married for 11 years and they are the proud parents of three little girls. They are expecting their fourth child in May 2019. The O'Briens love city life and the replanting journey they have been on for the past five years.