Review: The Spiritual DNA of a Church on Mission

In The Spiritual DNA of a Church on Mission, Bob Burton takes an in-depth look at the book of Acts to discover how God worked in and through His people in the First Century and how He still works through His people in the Twenty-First Century.

Burton looks at ten principles and their corresponding church throughout the book of Acts:

  1. Spiritual Preparation: Wait, Pray, and Expect God to Work (Jerusalem)
  2. Spiritual Authority: Rely on the Holy Spirit’s Power (Jerusalem)
  3. Spiritual Understanding: Focus on the Peoples and Places (Jerusalem/Caesarea)
  4. Spiritual Leadership: Identify and Nurture Missional Leaders (Antioch)
  5. Spiritual Synergy: Work Together for Greater Impact (Philippi)
  6. Spiritual Receptivity: Find the People of Peace (Philippi)
  7. Spiritual Sowing: Evangelize and Make Disciples (Thessalonica/Berea)
  8. Spiritual Bridges: Leverage Points of Connection (Athens)
  9. Spiritual Giftedness: Gather and Give Resources from the Harvest (Corinth)
  10. Spiritual Warfare: Fight the Good Fight (Ephesus)

Each chapter concludes with a section titled “Acts Immersion” which allows the reader to go even deeper into that particular topic with in-depth Bible study, missionary activities to reach your community, and further reading. There is an accompanying workbook that will allow a pastor to take his church even deeper into discovering the Spiritual DNA of their church.

Missions is not a catchphrase or segmented program, but the obedient action of a church on mission,” Burton writes. “God expects his church to be missional in nature – to go forth and partner with him in his plans to reconcile the world” (p. 3).

The Spiritual DNA of a Church on Mission will help pastors reignite a passion for evangelism and missions in their personal lives and in their churches.