The future of church and replanting

By Replant

More people will attend local, unique neighborhood communities of faith where they can know and be known by their Pastors and fellow congregants.

For some the idea that the local neighborhood church will make a comeback may seem like a far flung dream or at best wishful thinking. But that dream may be more reality than fantasy. Here’s why….

The rise of “home grown” and “local”: the food industry is trending away from mega-farms, mass produced and artificial. Fast food restaurants who were once unstoppable are now in rapid decline, losing out to restaurants who specialize in organic, local and farm to table.

The rise of Thrift and Vintage: in many revitalizing areas in cities and towns you’ll find antique and vintage stores abounding. Retro decor, clothing, stereo equipment are prized commodities–especially items that are in great condition. No longer are people shunning the old and casting it away simply because it’s old.

Commuter fatigue: people are tired of spending hours on the road stuck in traffic. Walkable life-styles are now desired. Combined with shop-local and shop small trends these create trends toward staying in your community rather than going outside of your community. 

The DIY trend: want to remodel your house, repair your car, bake a wedding cake, cut your own hair? There’s a video on Youtube to show you how. Pintrest can provide both inspiration and instruction, Pottery Barn and Restoration “hack-sites” enable you to have their look for a fraction of the cost. Want to participate in the life of a local church? Smaller congregations provide unique service opportunities that may not be readily available in other settings. Many people want to be involved not simply be spectators.

A growing wave of opportunities and leaders: more and more churches are coming to the end of their life-cycles, properties are being donated or made available to church plants, some churches with great courage are choosing to die in order to live again through Replanting.

Next we’ll examine why your church regardless of its size should honor God through excellence

Published August 4, 2015

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The Replant team of the North American Mission Board works to reverse the death and decline rate of Churches. For more information and resources on Replanting go to and follow @churchreplanter.