Evangelism with Johnny Hunt

#6 – Who’s Your One?


Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they discuss president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear’s 2019 evangelism initiative called “Who’s Your One?” Meant to challenge each believer to be intentional about one person this year, the “Who’s Your One?” initiative will inspire, encourage and equip you to share your faith and to boldly pray over one.

Tune in to learn more about this exciting initiative and to hear your next steps!

Discover and participate in Who’s Your One at whosyourone.com.

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Announcer: You are listening to Evangelism with Johnny Hunt, a podcast from the North American Mission Board that equips you and your church to share the gospel. Now, here are your hosts.

Kevin Ezell: Welcome back to the Evangelism with Johnny Hunt podcast. I’m Kevin Ezell in here with Brother Johnny. J.D Greear of the Southern Baptist Convention recently unveiled his presidential theme, Gospel Above All, which reflects his desire for the SBC to continuously focus on the gospel. As a part of his focus on the gospel, J.D has launched a personal evangelism initiative called Who’s Your One in which churches are being challenged to encourage every church member to intentionally build relationships and share the gospel with at least one person over the course of a year. Brother Johnny, this is a huge win when it comes to personal evangelism and how would you say that it’s a big win from your perspective?

Johnny Hunt: We really need focus and direction. When J.D leads us and says the gospel above all. God used him in my life. His book called Gospel. He used to say not the gospel, gospel. I read that and how inspiring, but now we’re not just reading, we’re not just talking about what you need to read, we’re talking now about what we need to do. I love it when he says as he reflects on the gospel, this is his desire for the whole convention of folks on the gospel. Here’s how everybody is involved, how it’s such a big win. If we in our churches, every pastor of our 50,000 churches and mission points in the United States, all over North America and to Canada, what if all of us challenged every congregation that each individual simply pray that over the next 12 months?

Johnny Hunt: We’re talking the first Sunday in January 2019 to the last Sunday in December of 2019 that God would use each individual to win one. Lord, again lay some soul upon my heart. Love that soul through me. Someone that I journal their name. Each day I pray ask for opportunity and then be very intentional of inviting them to coffee or over to my house for dinner or out to lunch or to church with me. Do whatever is necessary and carrying for that individual to see them come to faith in Christ. Kevin, do you realize, honestly it overwhelms me, we could easily see a million people come to faith in Christ and that is if only 1/6 of our Sunday morning average attendance in our Southern Baptist Churches participated?

Kevin Ezell: Exactly. The Who’s Your One initiative is for everyone to take part in. Can you imagine what kind of impact it would make if just the pastors alone would make the commitment to do Who’s Your One? Well, 45,000 churches and we have 45,000 pastors committing to reach one. It’s not saying only one. Have one you’re focused on and once you reach that one, you go to another one, obviously. What would it look like if we could get pastors to lead out in that way?

Johnny Hunt: Well, it’s going to have to happen if Who’s Your One is a big win. If not, it’s going to be a big program, but not a big win. If every pastor would share that they’re going to lead the way, they’re going to model and then not long into the new year, what if just thousands, tens of thousands of our pastors, had a person to join them on the platform or in the pulpit and in the baptism and simply just said “Hey, just for the record, this is my one. Now, I’m praying God will let me influence and win others and not through my pulpit ministry but my individual intentional witnessing of the gospel. But, this is my one. I’m asking you to join me”?. Wouldn’t it be neat if in our baptismal service, if you’re baptizing someone else as one that person was in the baptism with you to celebrate if not in baptizing them themselves?

Johnny Hunt: It would become a big win, but we can’t do it without the pastors of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Kevin Ezell:  Right. We don’t want it to just be a big win. We want it to end up being a movement and we’re going to do everything we possibly can to come alongside J.D and we’re going to have J.D on a future podcast. I think he had a pedicure appointment today. He wasn’t able to be here. We’re going to have him on our future podcast and have him share the passion with his own heart, but also, Brother Johnny, I know we’ve taken input from him and you and come up with a pastors kit that’s being developed to make it very simple for any church or any pastor to implement Who’s Your One in their church. That kit is going to include logos, an implementation plan, a guide, PowerPoint templates. I know you’ve provided sermons and sermon outlines, a 30-day prayer guide, a poster, and much, much more.

Johnny Hunt: Yeah. We’re going to do the homework for every pastor in the convention. If you’ll just join us, our hearts are in it. It’s really going to be the theme that you’re probably going to hear for the next two years as J.D leads us as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s going to be a priority at Woodstock. As most of you know, I’m finishing up my last year there and transitioning, even January 1 here to North American Mission Board and kind of going to try to be part of leading in both of these movements over this next year. At Woodstock, we will deal with that Who’s Your One. I’ve written two major messages and just give you some idea. You turn to John Chapter One and you see Andrew bring Peter to Christ.

Johnny Hunt: You see Philip bringing Nathaniel to Christ. Then, we insert ourselves in there and we begin to talk about the one that we brought. Let’s be honest, when God begins to work in a people’s heart, Kevin, this is where the movement takes place. This is where individuals begin to say “God will save the lost and he’s using me.” That one’s going to become two, three, four, and I think it could ignite as you’ve already mentioned and excite our people to once again make evangelism that front burner the best sharing the gospel, the gospel above all, and reflecting not only the desire of our president of the convention, but I believe the desires of the heart of our heavenly father.

Kevin Ezell: Absolutely. We have to come together and spark an enthusiasm among our church members. It’s the heartbeat of everything that we do. Brother Johnny, I know a part of the kit is a 30-day prayer guide. I know you agree that prayer is a huge part of evangelism. Every person could at least be praying for one person. Would you just want to share briefly how you feel that prayer is a part of evangelism, the role of prayer in evangelism?

Johnny Hunt: They say that if there’s something we sense that God is leading us to do and we don’t take time to pray about it. Could it even possibly be of God? Is it possible? Spurgeon made the statement “I have no more power to change a life than I do to create a star.” In the prayer guide, one of the things we’re hoping will happen is it’ll be this particular time of praying and scripture that will help condition your heart and really move you in the area of a deeper passion for making the gospel known. Now, you’re not out just sharing with a person that goes “Well, I better go get my one. I’ve got a year to do it.” No. Instead, God’s broke your heart for that one. May very well be that like that x when you begin to share, the tears will begin to flow.

Johnny Hunt: We are trusting that as you pray and that’s exactly what Jesus said about the harvest, pray for the harvest. The workers are few. Normally, the ones that are praying become the workers and so we’re going to pray that that prayer guide is used by God to help move the people into a passionate desire to make Christ known.

Kevin Ezell:  Exactly. To receive a Who’s Your One resource, you can visit gospelaboveall.com or you can go to the NAMB website to the evangelism page and access it there. Who’s Your One. Well, Johnny, I got my one. I’m sure you’ve got your 21 and you’re ready to focus. We need every pastor in the SBC to lead their people to just start with one. Who is your one?

Johnny Hunt: That’s exactly right and if the people are going to hear it, the pastors must embrace it.

Kevin Ezell: Well, thanks for listening to Evangelism with Johnny Hunt. If you have any questions about evangelism, send them to us at evangelism@namb.net and we’ll try to answer them on a future podcast. See you next time.