The hope of the gospel is the thread that weaves through every ministry you undertake. Because every story, ultimately, points to the story of Jesus.

Free Evangelism Resources for Pastors

We provide best-in-class tools to help churches equip their people to share the gospel. The free resources below are NAMB's gift to pastors.


Free Book – Win the Day

Each quarter, we're giving away a free book as a gift to SBC pastors. This month, we're featuring Win the Day by Mark Batterson.

Who's Your One Kit

Reach and resource your congregation for personal evangelism with an easy-to-implement suite of tools including sermons, poster, prayer guide, book marks and many downloadable resources.
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3 Circles Evangelism Kit

The 3 Circles Evangelism Kit is designed to assist pastors in leading a multi-week evangelism emphasis for their church.
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The Best News Kit

This three-week training course will equip you and your small group to share the saving truth of the gospel with your friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers.

Live This Kit

"Live This" is a three-week series created to equip you with resources and tools so you can clearly articulate the gospel with unbelievers. Week one illustrates how to share the Good News through the model of Christ. The second week outlines and defines the gospel through passages in Scripture. The final week shows you how to teach the gospel message.

Who’s Your One Everyday Evangelism Bundle

Equip your church members to identify, pray for and share the gospel with their one. Available for free in English and Spanish.

Timothy + Barnabas Retreats

You and your family are on the front lines of ministry in the community. Hosted by Johnny Hunt, Timothy+Barnabas retreats give pastors and spouses practical tools and encouragement as you lead the Church on mission.

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More Evangelism Tools


3 Circles iPhone App

The 3 Circles App answers common questions in a simple and memorable way to help you naturally share the gospel with others.

Send Hope Suggestions

Watch short videos from Johnny Hunt, Jimmy Scroggins, Afshin Ziafat, and others to get ideas for how to send the hope of the gospel.

Every Believer a Witness

Helping pastors and leaders motivate and equip the entire congregation to actively share the Gospel.

Bless Every Home

The SBC of Virginia is excited to introduce a brand new initiative that will help churches and plants reach their communities with the Gospel.