The hope of the gospel is the thread that weaves through every ministry you undertake. Because every story, ultimately, points to the story of Jesus.

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Evangelism Kit

Evangelism Kit

The NAMB Evangelism Kit (available in English and Spanish) provides you with training and resources to help you create and sustain a culture of evangelism within your church so that personal evangelism can become its heartbeat.



Free Evangelism Kits for Pastors

We provide best-in-class tools to help churches equip their people to share the gospel. The free resources below are NAMB's gift to pastors.

Evangelism Kit

NAMB Evangelism Kit

The NAMB Evangelism Kit includes tools and resources for the local church to help pastors, pastoral staff and ministry leaders create a culture of evangelism — one ingrained in the DNA of their church. The Kit includes a Training Guide, Resource Catalog, USB Flash Drive with relevant videos and other digital files, “As You Go” Prayer Reminder Keychain and Encouragement Cards with wooden stand.

3 Circles Evangelism Kit

The 3 Circles Evangelism Kit is designed to assist pastors in leading a multi-week evangelism emphasis for their church. The kit includes a trainer guide and a trainee guide for small group discussion, a pack of Living on Mission gospel tracts, a flash drive loaded with an overview for the pastor, sermon resources, videos and more.

Who’s Your One Kit

Who's your one? Imagine if every member of your church could answer that question with the name of a person. How would it change your community? Reach and resource your congregation for personal evangelism with an easy-to-implement suite of tools including sermons, poster, prayer guide, book marks and many downloadable resources.
Available in English and Spanish.
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Best News Kit

This three-week training course will equip you and your small group to share the saving truth of the gospel with your friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers.

Life on Mission App

Discover how you can share the gospel with anyone using simple tools, like 3 Circles or Best News, to make the most out of every opportunity.

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