Six Practices to Help Us See and Meet People Like Jesus

By NAMB Staff

The rat race. The daily grind. It feels like we have never been busier.  And, our busyness is having a society-wide effect:  burnout rates have never been higher. Young people suffer from anxiety on unprecedented levels, and those reporting to feel isolated have continued to rise, even in a post-COVID era.

In contrast to the fast pace of our lives, the gospels tell story after story of Jesus making His way through cities and villages meeting and seeing people. Because of his slow and deliberate pace, Jesus was able to introduce those He encountered to the hope of the gospel. If we’re going to make a kingdom impact, we must emulate Christ by adjusting our pace.

Here are six practices to help us see and meet people like Jesus did and introduce them to the hope of the gospel:

  1. Slow down and talk to people you encounter in the routine of the day.
  2. Take a friend out for coffee or lunch to have intentional conversations.
  3. Ask good questions and be a good listener.
  4. Meet needs that arise and use that as a bridge to gospel conversations.
  5. Build relationships with people in the community who are different than you.
  6. Listen for prompts in general conversations.

For other tips and more extensive training on equipping your church to engage your community with the gospel, see the new online course Creating a Culture of Evangelism.

Published February 7, 2024