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Kids in ministry Blog Post
July 20, 2017 by Josh King | Send Network
One of the shifts that seems to be taking place in the church today is in the area of parenting as it relates to the pastor. Parenting in general is under a constant evolution, and much of it, I am sure, is for the worse. But when it comes to pastors, I am encouraged. We have all heard stories of...
July 18, 2017 by Mark Hallock | Send Network
Listen in as Replanter Mark Hallock and his wife Jenna share insights in they have learned along the way in surviving the challenges of Replanting a church and leading your family toward Christ.
July 13, 2017 by Jena Marie O'Brien | Send Network
Expectations are everywhere. We have expectations of ourselves, our husbands, our kids, our neighbors and many others. And they have expectations of us. Some expectations are voiced, and some are not. We expect our husbands to honor us. We expect our kids to eat what’s on their plates or older...
For the Church Podcast Episode
July 12, 2017 | Send Network
In this edition of the Replant podcast, Dr. Jason Keith Allen, president of Midwestern Theological Seminary shares his observations about the state of the church, training pastors and how Midwestern is committed to serving the local church.
July 11, 2017 by Jena Marie O'Brien | Send Network
It’s Sunday morning, my husband has been out of the house since 6am, working through the sermon and making sure everything runs smoothly for the day. I have been home, which is only next door, getting myself and our 3 little girls ready for church. I try to prepare ahead of time for Sundays. They...
July 6, 2017 by Jena Marie O'Brien | Send Network
I turned to my husband holding back tears and asked “Can we just lock the door? Can we move to an overpopulated area where I can blend in and not be known? Where I can go to church on my terms and do ministry on my terms? Be friends with those who are like me in every way? Can I just focus on my...
When sheep bite Podcast Episode
June 29, 2017 | Send Network
Author, pastor and content strategist Jared Wilson sits down to talk with Mark Clifton and Bob Bickford of the Replant team. Jared shares great wisdom about how to handle criticism and attacks from those inside the church. Mentioned in the podcast was Jared's book: The Imperfect Disciple...
June 29, 2017 by Brian Croft | Send Network
I am consistently asked about the circumstances surrounding weddings. What makes it permissible or not to conduct a wedding in this or that situation? I am very aware there are strong opinions and lively disagreements about whether an evangelical pastor should marry Christians, non-Christians and...
June 27, 2017 by John Mark Clifton | Send Network
Everything rises and falls on leadership. I've heard this well intended remark over the years in relation to the health and growth of our churches. However, those of us with the love of fidelity of Scripture, understand things do not rise and fall on our own leadership ability. Rather, they rise...
Visiting the sick Blog Post
June 22, 2017 by Brian Croft | Send Network
The stress and anxiety that often accompanies visiting the sick can cause us to miss the joy that comes from them. As we visit, we must be mindful to enjoy all that God will accomplish for His glory. Here are a few opportunities in which we should anticipate God’s providence. We should enjoy...