What is the Pipeline?

The Church Planting Pipeline is a resource to help the local church discover and develop church planting missionaries. Up to three years of plug-and-play training is available covering 30 church planting competencies. The training is prescriptive, yet it allows you as a church to supplement for focus or depth.

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The Pipeline provides pastors with the tools necessary to assess potential missionaries as well as the material to develop them. With three unique levels of development built around specific church planting competencies and traits, each individual in the Pipeline will get specific development through self-study and coaching. The Pipeline curriculum, coupled with transformational coaching, delivers some of the best development for missional leaders and future church planting missionaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pipeline resource available to any church?

It is available to any SBC church that is ready. We are unable to provide this resource for non-SBC churches at this time.

How do I know if our church is ready?

After you click on the Get Started button, you will begin a registration process and answer a few questions to help you determine your church’s readiness.

Is there a cost for the Pipeline material?

There is an upfront cost associated with the pre-assessment. All training (up to three years) is then included for no additional cost.

Do you have any other resources to help our church develop missional leaders?

We do!

  • Mission Engagement Inventory – A simple survey to help your members assess their personal level of mission engagement while giving you a collective report.
  • Starting Point – A 10-week individual and group study curriculum that will help move members to mission. Sermon outline and bumper video included.
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