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How to train missional leaders in your church

George Ross02.19.20

By George Ross

What will it take to see a movement of Multiplying Churches in North America?

To see a Multiplying Church planting movement, there must be a pathway for churches to discover, develop and deploy church planters and church planting teams.

We have more resources available than planters and planting teams to send. There has never been a greater time for churches to think strategically about raising up church planters and church planting team members.

Over the last three years, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) has been working to develop and make available resources to help churches raise up leaders from within. The hope is that through discovering developing leaders in local churches, churches would be able to deploy teams of missionaries locally, nationally and globally.

The Multiplication Pipeline is a resource to help your church discover, develop and deploy disciples who make disciples. Having used it for the last three years, I cannot be more impressed with the content, ease of use and results of the Multiplication Pipeline. It is a game changer for a local church who is serious about raising up the next generation of leaders.

It is designed to train potential church planters, church planter team members and missional leaders. This will benefit any church looking to develop missional leaders within a local church context. Through this pathway, our hope is that churches discover their own missional leaders who could be catalytic in creating a culture of disciples who make disciples or be future church planters and church planting team members to be sent out across North America.

The training has three levels that will help the student grow in areas like spiritual formation, biblical knowledge, missional living, missional leadership, disciple-making, church planting call, models of church planting, etc.

NAMB is thrilled to not only have a resource like the Multiplication Pipeline but to be in partnership with the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) to offer course credit hours for undergraduate and graduate students going through the it. NOBTS is offering up to 19 credit hours for graduate and undergraduate students going through the Multiplication Pipeline. Don’t miss out on a tremendous opportunity to advance your education as you prepare for your ministry calling.

Take the next step in laying the foundation to discover, develop and deploy missional leaders from your own church by registering today.

For more information about getting course credit from NOBTS through the Multiplication Pipeline, email Taylor Lancaster at


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