Boston Residencies

You're invited to serve with and learn from the practitioners in Boston as you prepare to plant a church in an urban context.

Serve the church and grow in ministry

Send Boston offers a residency focused on giving you heart, head and hand experience that will help prepare you for the church planting journey you’re about to begin. Over the course of 12 months, our church planting residency will equip you through learning environments led by trusted and respected church planting leaders from Greater Boston.

During the residency, you will take a deep dive into the most crucial areas of church planting, like:

  • VISION - How to develop and refine your God-given vision
  • COMMUNITY – How to engage, live, know and serve the people in the place where God has called you to plant a life-giving church
  • FUNDING – How to create funding strategies to pave the way towards sustainability
  • CORE GROUP - Forming and preparing your core group
  • LEADERSHIP – Exploring and growing in personal and organizational leadership competencies
  • YOU – How to care for and lead yourself through soul care
  • COMMUNICATION – Exploring ways to communicate biblically and effectively in today’s reality
  • STRUCTURE – How to create and implement supportive systems and structures in your ministry
  • EQUIP – Finding ways to equip others to live on mission where they live, work and play.

Every aspect of the church planting residency is done in community with other church planting residents in a church planting cohort. Most importantly you’ll learn in the context of a Send Boston church plant where you’ll serve as a staff team member. Each church planting resident will also be provided financial assistance.

Send Boston’s Church Planting Residency is an intensive experience designed to set you up to become a part of His kingdom-building work throughout Greater Boston. You’ll be trained, coached, encouraged and stretched with the hope of seeing a healthy multiplying church planted. Along the way, you’ll also grow a stronger theology, ecclesiology and missiology.

You’re invited to do more than just apply. You’re invited to plant your life for the sake of the gospel in a city like no other. You’re invited to invest your life with glad surrender. You’re invited to join the next wave of church planters committed to moving the needle toward Christ in Greater Boston. If that’s you and you’re interested in learning more about our residency, email [email protected].