Leveraging Transformational Training Tools in Every Ministry Context – Ongoing Training for Trainers – Interview with Micah Millican

Micah is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Business Management. He earned his Masters from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served on staff in the college and adult discipleship ministries at Highview Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Micah, his wife Laurie and their three sons, Daniel, Luke and Caleb, live in Alpharetta where Micah is the Senior Director of Planter Development for the Send Network. He leads the Development Team, overseeing orientation, training, coaching and care for church planters and their spouses. He also serves as an elder at Northside Church.

Before you listen to the podcast, take a simple self-assessment. Give yourself a score on a scale of 1-10, 10 being high.

___ I regularly use the Send Network’s Transformational Training Philosophy in a wide variety of ministry contexts—preaching, discipleship, staff/leader development—as well as in training church planters.

___ I not only believe that the Holy Spirit is the best trainer in the room, but I always use techniques/tools to make sure He has ample opportunity to speak wisdom through and to the group.

___ Because I see my family as my first church, I intentionally use the training techniques to help my family members know, love and follow Jesus.

___ Total

Where did you score highest? Lowest? What does this score tell you about your ability to leverage the training techniques/tools more widely and effectively? What steps might you take to grow in your competence as a trainer?

Now, listen to the podcast with Micah Millican. Afterwards, answer the following questions.

Besides loving the beef jerky and RX Bars, Micah mentioned his three big take-aways from the Train the Trainer (TTT) Retreat.

  1. By using various techniques, you will keep learners engaged.
  2. Discussion is good; discovery is gold. Lead people to self-discovery.
  3. The Holy Spirit is the best trainer in the room.

As you think back to your TTT Retreat experience, what were your biggest three takeaways? How have those takeaways transformed your personal ministry?

After attending the retreat, Micah said that, like an overzealous Silverback Gorilla, he was tempted to try to use every single technique in a single small group gathering. It was too much too soon. Take some time to create your own “go to” strategy/template for leading a 1-hour, sermon-based Life Group. How many techniques would you typically use? Which techniques would you typically use?

Micah used the 5 Hats Follow-up Question Pathway to train the other Life Group leaders at his church. One high-profile leader said to Micah, “This is the best training we’ve ever done!” Where in your ministry context might you use the 5 Hats to equip other leaders who serve with you to ask better questions? When will you teach the 5 Hats to them?

Micah said that when he became team leader of the Send Network Development Team, he received some great advice from coaching guru, Dino Senesi: “Be a listen-first leader.” What needs to happen in your life so you can grow more and more to be a listen-first leader?

Micah demonstrated his authenticity and vulnerability when he shared a heart-felt story about using the Transformational Training Techniques with his sons on a family retreat. He said, “My son had a moment.” What can you do to leverage the Transformational Training Philosophy with your own first church – your family?

After listening to this podcast, what is God saying to you about how you might leverage the Transformational Training Philosophy and Techniques in other ministry contexts? What are your next steps? When will you start? Who will help you?

You can reach Micah at [email protected]. You can follow Micah on Twitter @mmillican.

Published May 28, 2019