Looking to the next decade: Healing brokenness through church planting

By Send Network

What will the next decade hold for North America?

In the last ten years, we have witnessed our share of brokenness from natural disasters to ethnic tensions to the deaths of historic figures and leaders—the list goes on.

There are over 7 billion people on earth. We disagree about many things, but if there’s an area the majority of us find consensus, it’s that something is terribly wrong. Brokenness is all around us.

There is no part of the world untouched by the fall and the pervasion of sin’s effects. In equal measure, there is no part of the world the gospel of Jesus does not influence, bringing hope, peace and renewal.

Christ brings about these first in our own hearts because the gospel allows us to see that the problem is not merely “out there.” And as we delve deeper into our gospel understanding, we see that we too are a part of the problem. But God does not leave us in a state of despair. He calls us to hope and renewal in Christ, and then He ushers us into a family of fellow believers.

In our redemption, we’re called into a gloriously vast family of Christ-followers. As we labor together and our communities change because of our work, we too are all being transformed from one degree of glory to the next. Together, we see with greater clarity the devastation of the brokenness around us and the capacity to be the hands and feet of Jesus where we live, work and play.

At Send Network, we believe the answer to the brokenness we see is the local church and global Church working to bring spiritual, emotional and physical restoration. Church planting isn’t just a ministry for individual church planters—it’s a ministry for the whole Church.

As Send Network partners with people just like you—churches and church planters— we want to plant churches everywhere for everyone. This is why we strive to see a Multiplying Church in every community across North America. As we move toward holistic restoration and a greater sense of shalom, we want to help cultivate a family of churches and church planters who will plant healthy, Multiplying Churches.

As a family of churches and church planters, we’re entering a new year and a new decade trusting God will use us to continue to plant Multiplying Churches. Together, we can be a part of healing the brokenness around us. Ten years from now, we pray we will worship God in thanksgiving as we celebrate how He has healed aspects of the brokenness that once was. Come with us as we plant churches everywhere for everyone.

For more information about partnering with Send Network to heal brokenness through church planting in 2020 visit sendnetwork.com. ,

Published January 13, 2020

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