Most popular of 2016: #5 Preacher notes: Danny Akin

By Danny Akin

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I have worn many hats in my lifetime that I have, and do, thoroughly enjoy. I have been an athlete, a student, a professor, a dean, a pastor, a president, a husband, a father, a grandfather and many more. But without a doubt wearing the hat of “preacher” has been, and remains, one of the one’s from which I receive the most joy and fulfillment. I simply love to preach the Word of God.

That being said, I recognize that I have not arrived as a preacher and neither has my sermon preparation process been perfected. Some of what I do is absolutely necessary for any student and teacher of God’s Word, and other aspects simply work for me, my habits and my lifestyle. With that general caveat, here’s a look at how I approach sermon preparation.

My study

First, it will be helpful to know how I approach the study of the text and how that relates to the preparation of the sermon. Below is the chart I use to teach my students, and it more or less reflects the logic of my approach. (Note that this doesn’t necessarily reflect my step-by-step process, which I’ll cover more in the attachment.)

Published December 15, 2016

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Danny Akin

Dr. Akin is married to Charlotte Akin. They have been married since May 27, 1978. They have four sons who are all currently serving in the ministry. He has three daughters-in-law and 10 grandchildren! Dr. Akin currently serves as the President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a Professor of Preaching and Theology.